Masturbation and Your Marriage

Masturbation is a natural, best pre workout and healthy practise, but it can be a challenging topic to analyse. Even adults who respect intimate relationships, can be humiliated by the problem, romantic or otherwise. Masturbation can also make married partners feel “taboo” to speak out openly about them. One reason why people may find it daunting to talk about is that there are many myths and misunderstandings about masturbation, despite evidence that masturbation is normal, harmless and beneficial regardless of relationship status.

Masturbation and Your Marriage

As for masturbation, a person can often feel different whether they are alone versus married. For eg, you might be worried that your partner’s ability to masturbate doesn’t necessarily mean your sexual needs are being met. Similarly, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything “evil” about you, your partner, and your sex life when you’re in a lifetime or start masturbating.

Masturbation and Marriage

It’s not unusual for people to masturbate as well as having regular sex with your partners. However, for some couples, one partner may be concerned after finding out that their partner is masturbating. The discovery may give rise to feelings of sexual insufficiency, as it concerns that their partner ‘s desire to masturbate is a sign that they don’t provide their partner with the necessary sexual information. For other couples, masturbation is both a fun solo and a shared activity with some of you who say if you find your partner masturbates you’ll be excited. Others say if their partner watched them masturbating, or they enjoyed watching them masturbate.

Masturbation Myths

While masturbation is a healthy behaviour, people often find talking about it embarrassing. The feelings may be caused in part by negative, mixed or even utterly false masturbation messages.

Many myths have long been established about masturbation and its effects. If masturbation includes your sexuality and sexual manifestation it is important to have the facts:

  • Masturbation isn’t causing acne.
  • Masturbation doesn’t induce cancers.
  • Masturbation isn’t triggering sweaty hands.
  • Masturbation isn’t going to “turn you dumb.”
  • Masturbation wouldn’t modify the appeal.
  • Masturbation is not self-abuse.
  • Not masturbation is infidelity.
  • Masturbating is no fault.
  • Over masturbation the erection will not diminish.
  • Masturbation would not result in you having a sexually transmitted disease (TSI).
  • Masturbation won’t deter you from progressing professionally or mentally.
  • Because of the pornography it is not psychologically ill.
  • It isn’t going to make you clean, masturbate.
  • Masturbation won’t ‘morph you into a pervert.’

Masturbation and Your Marriage


Masturbation may be of benefit to people and families. Studies also showed that masturbation will improve a person’s physical well-being, lead to sexually stimulated feelings and even relieve stress.6 Normally, masturbation on its own and with the partner can also increase and affect Libido in beneficial ways.

In reality, knowing your mutual interests lets you meet one another. Research has shown that masturbating is healthy, and during the relationship will lead to more sexual intercourse. Masturbation can also be an effective and healthier approach for couples of differing sexual interests, particularly when it comes to how well the higher libido provides a healthy outlet for the partner.