5 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Many people who are thinking of creating their own blogs would usually go to a content
management system like WordPress for all of their needs.
Sure enough, most blogs that you can find on the internet were created using the
platform and you might be better off using the same platform as well.
Now, you can opt to use their in-house web hosting solution or you can go for a top
hosting company of your choice to satisfy your needs.
The beauty of WordPress is that aside from the fact that you can easily build a website
from scratch, you can choose from a plethora of themes and plugins to further add
amazing features on your blog.
Today, I am going to be talking about the latter by giving you my recommendations for
some of the best WordPress plugins that you should install in your blog.


The first plugin is definitely one of the best out there and should be the ones that you
install first after launching your blog.
Jetpack is a plugin that provides so many helpful features- from better website loading
speeds to top-notch security features such as spam filtering, brute force attack
protection, and so much more.
You could say that this is an all-in-one plugin that users from all skill levels will love.

Yoast SEO

If you’ve heard of WordPress-powered websites before, you’ve probably heard of Yoast
SEO. That is because this is one of those must-have plugins that should be installed
after your blog has been developed.
This plugin does wonders for your website’s SEO. Some of its key features include
keyword optimization, eradicates duplicate content, fixes broken URLs and links,
provides content insights based on your chosen keywords, improves blog readability,
among a host of other features.
Yoast can easily help improve your SEO performance without you having to do any of
the work.


Whenever you are running a website that has a comment section, there is a possibility
that spam comments might be posted.

That is why you should install Akismet as part of your plugins suite. Akismet is a plugin
that can record any spam that comes to your website- may it be in the form of
comments, emails, messages, etc.
Once that is done, it will learn from past data to ensure that the same thing won’t
happen again.
Plus, the Akismet plugin can also help you backup and restore your blog’s files quickly
and easily as well.


As a blog owner, you want to create a comments section on every blog post so that
your readers can interact with you and provide you with some feedback.
WPDiscuz is a plugin that can help simplify the entire process. What I love about this
plugin is that it makes it easier for you to create a customizable comments section
based on your set parameters.
What’s more, the comments section can be integrated into many different social media
platforms so that it can be so much easier for your readers to link to that section almost


One of the worst things that can happen on your blog is if attackers are able to
penetrate your defenses and deface your website.
Although the possibility of that happening is slim, there still remains a small chance of
that happening to you. Therefore, you want to make scheduled backups to ensure that,
in the event that hackers do penetrate your website’s defenses, that there is a backup of
your entire blog that you can restore when that happens.
That is where UpdraftPlus excels. It automatically integrates with your cloud storage
solution so that it can create regular backups of your blogs without a hassle.
You can quickly restore your blog from within the plugin itself and it also integrates
seamlessly with a lot of different cloud storage services as well.

Steps to Making Sure Data Security in the Cloud

Looking for the best cloud hosting in Malaysia

The important use of the cloud computing services bodes well for some companies. By putting away information on remote servers, companies can actually access data anytime when it’s required, and cloud computing decreases the expense of the infrastructure required to deal with their systems. 

If you have officially made the transition to the cloud, or in case you’re thinking about it, there are a few stages to take to guarantee that your data remains sheltered and secure. 

Choosing the Right Vendor 

The development in cloud computing implies an expansion in cloud service providers. Before you pick a vendor to store your data, discover how the vendor will protect your data. Play out your very own individual verifications on the vendor, check references, and pose inquiries about where and how your information will be put away, as physical security is similarly as significant as system security. 

Encrypting Data at All Stages 

It guarantees data security requires scrambling data at all stages — in travel and keeping in mind that away. And when information is scrambled, if there is a security break the information will be everything except futile except if the offenders hold the encryption key. Few companies really scramble the information at all stages, rather just encoding during travel or while away, making vulnerabilities. 

Providing User Training 

Perhaps the greatest misstep that organizations changing to distributed computing make is accepting that clients realize how to utilize the cloud and see the majority of the security dangers and conventions. Employees should be prepared and taught on the best way to appropriately keep up the security of their gadgets and the system to dodge security ruptures. 

Maintaining With Advances in Security 

One of the most widely recognized reasons for obliterating security breaks is a powerlessness made by neglecting to introduce security updates or fixes to programming. Malware is regularly intended to misuse vulnerabilities in like manner modules or projects, and neglecting to stay aware of updates can prompt catastrophe. Understanding changes in best practices, innovation and conventions and making changes in like manner will help counteract an expensive calamity. 


There are numerous variables that go into building up a strong security plan for information put away in the cloud, however in any event, these five must be mulled over. Without tending to these issues, even the best security innovation and plan will leave your information helpless to attack.

Reseller Web Hosting Plan

Top web hosting companies in Malaysia

What Is Reseller Hosting? Reseller hosting refers to the matter of making your own web hosting business from tools and services  you exchange from bigger hosting companies. You are focusing more on sales and at any rate fundamental help, leaving the pound of looking after servers, software, and transmission capacity to those bigger companies. Normally, affiliates—the individuals who get into the exchanging industry—lease servers from web facilitating services at discount costs, and after that offer their own facilitating bundles to people in general for benefit. 

There is a great deal of interest for web hosting, whether it is shared hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, or VPS hosting. Web hosting is the spine for individual blogs, corporate sites, digital broadcasts, video blogs, and almost anything else you can envision that exists on the web. These are hopeful business people who hope to make a couple of bucks in the web hosting field, just as website specialists and designers who need to grow their customer contributions.

This sets up a degree of trust with individuals who may now be acquainted with the reseller’s brand. Branding is significant if you’re hoping to get into the reseller hosting game. 

How Does it Work? 

affiliate programs? One of the primary reasons individuals get into exchanging web hosting, rather than building their own web hosting service starting without help, is the simplicity of passage. It does not require the broad specialized comprehension of framework that hosting from the beginning does. 

These are in charge of interfacing with their clients, however are not in charge of equipment, software, or network issues. Resellers might be set in the dubious position of liaising between the hosting provider and the client for different sorts of specialized help, for example, charging and installment issues. As such, you’ll have to exhibit tolerance and understanding when managing incensed clients. 

Would it be advisable for you to Get Reseller Web Hosting?

Indeed, if you need to get into the web hosting business without beginning a whole activity starting with no outside help, or in case you’re a website specialist who needs to have your customers’ different control boards without ponying up cash for conceivably expensive dedicated hosting or VPS hosting. All things considered, you should know something about how web hosting functions. You should be prepared for the unavoidable issues that will emerge, and you’ll once in a while need to go about as the flag-bearer between your customers and your web hosting provider.

Three (3) Basic and Effective Tips for Boosting the Security of Your WordPress Website

Aside from having the best web hosting in Malaysia, WordPress has an intrinsically weak security system – the exact inverse, actually. Be that as it may, paying little heed to how powerful its present security system is, earlier forms of WordPress remain introduced to a huge degree, and those are the ones most helpless against attack.

These tips are basic yet valuable to support the security of a WordPress site particularly when it’s another one. In the event that you need an altered situation for your WordPress site, it’s prescribed to have it with a WordPress hosting. You will get the enhanced exhibition, security and convenience for your WordPress site.

Disallowing the File Editing

WordPress licenses chairmen to alter any module record and any subject inside the framework. Since this is valid, if any of your administrator records are hacked effectively by a cyber criminal, he/she would then have the option to embed unsafe or pernicious code into your current code. More terrible than this, when such a penetration occurs, it’s for all intents and purposes imperceptible, so hurtful exercises can be completed out of sight without you regularly monitoring it. The best way to forestall this is to forbid document altering, and this can be practiced by basically including a line of code into your record.

Using a Secure Sockets Layer protocol for your site

One of the safeguard lines you ought to use for your WordPress site is to have a secure sockets layer (SSL) protocol installed because it ensures that any association between the two sites is secure. At whatever point two sites are associated, huge amounts of data and quite a bit of that data would be viewed as touchy.

Renaming your WordPress login Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

WordPress permits everybody naturally to login simply by exploring to the WordPress Administrator or WordPress Login URL by which is accessible on your site. Everybody are aware of this reality, so anybody with criminal expectation will know precisely where the login page is arranged, and that makes it helpless against different sorts of security dangers.

The best method for concealing your login page and preventing cyber criminals is to just rename the URL. You can utilize it to rename your login page URL with the goal that it has a custom string based on your personal preference. It will divert all endeavors to reach wp-administrator back to your landing page.