A Man’s Guide to Wristwatches

Are you looking for an automatic watch? How about a watch that you can wear casually at any time? Whether you are looking for a formal or casual watch, there is always something for everyone. But, because of the many options you can choose from, it might also be quite hard for non-watch-savvy people to pick the right one for them.
This article will serve as your guide to wristwatches- what to look for and the styles that you can look up over the internet.

Watch Movements

If you look at the different watches that can find on the market, you will find a very common theme: watch movements.
As the name implies, it is just the inner mechanism that makes the watch move. There are some distinct differences and I will talk about each one in this section.

  • Mechanical Watch

A mechanical watch is powered by a mainspring which is just a long coiled wire made of metal that, when wounded, will make the watch move. The mainspring can be anywhere between 9-13 inches long and the longer the wire is, the better it is at holding power.
That being said, you have to manually wind the watch just to make the mechanism move. Since this watch is intricate and requires wounding by hand, it may not be the best option for most users. This watch is typically reserved for watch enthusiasts who look at the craftsmanship more than its practical value.

  • Automatic Watch

The automatic watch is quite similar to a mechanical watch with the only main difference that it comes with a rotor to automatically wind the watch for you. You just have to wound it once and so long as you are moving (with the watch on your wrist), your movements should power the watch indefinitely.
That being said, the disadvantage of the automatic watch is that it would require you to continuously be using the watch so that you can power its rotor up. If you are a watch collector, it would be best to buy a watch winder to keep the watch powered on.

  • Quartz Watch

Have you ever seen those watches where you see the second-hand moving in a ‘tick, tick, tick’ motion? Well, that is a quartz watch.
Unlike the previous watches mentioned, the quartz watch doesn’t require a mainspring for its movement but it does need a battery to keep it powered. The battery will provide the energy and the watch’s mechanism will convert it into a pulse which is then signified by the popular tick-tock movement.
Because it is not subject to mechanical forces, quartz watches are more accurate than a mechanical or an automatic watch. Plus, they are also quite cheaper as well. The only problem with this is that it may not be the best when it comes to showing it off to others.

Watch Style

  • Dress Watch- Dress watches are perfect for formal occasions but are not ideal for rugged activities
  • Field Watch- Ideal as a casual watch and for rugged activities, the field watch is your preferred timepiece if you are a more active individual
  • Dive Watch- Best worn by divers or people who frequent the seas, its usual metal construction might also make it good for formal occasions.