The Most Common Applications of eCommerce

1.Digital Advertising

The advertiser is the one who provides the ads, while the publisher integrates all the ads into the digital content. Feel free to find creative agencies that can help you with good ad placements. Different kinds of ads include social media ads, banner ads, retargeting, pop-up ads and search engine marketing ads.


Online auctions can bring together several people from multiple geographical locations, and enable trading at negotiated prices. These are all implemented by reliable ecommerce technologies, allowing more people to participate in online auctions.

3.Online Marketing

Online marketing pertains to data gathering about consumer needs, preferences, behaviors and purchasing patterns. It helps different marketing activities such as negotiating, fixing prices, improving product features and establishing strong customer relationships. All the information that you can get from these tasks can be used to provide people with an enhanced and tailored purchase experiences.


Are you looking for the best ecommerce solutions in Malaysia? Make sure to work with people who can help you set up good online payment system. At this day and age, more and more people are entrusting monetary transactions online, from checking account balances and internet banking to paying for online purchases. By focusing on this, you can make your brand even more trustworthy and reputable.

5.Online Booking

With the help of ecommerce, there is no need for people to go physically to offices in order to book airline tickets, book hotels and inquire for travel insurance packages. All of these transactions can be made possible through internet booking engines.