Car Seat : The Basic Things You Need to Know From Birth to Age 12

1.Seat Belt

According to Colorado law, children should remain in booster car seats until they reach 8 years old. The thing is that, many children, at this point, is not yet tall enough to fit well in an adult seatbelt until they are around 10 to 12. Consider getting a backless booster.

Keep in mind that the seat at the back part of the car is the safest, most secure area for kids.

2.Rear Facing

Rear facing is the most secure way for a kid to ride. The NHTSA and AAP recommend kids to ride rear facing to the height and weight restriction of the convertible car seat, until around age 2.

3.Forward Facing

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Once the height and weight of the rear-facing car seat has been met, and once they reach 2 years old, children are prepared to ride forward facing using the 5-point harness. It’s crucial to remain in this specific position until they are old enough to ride using a belt positioning booster. This usually happens around 5 to 6 years old.

4.Belt-Positioning Booster

The booster seat is essential to position the seat belt correctly. The seatbelts are created for older children and adults, so transitioning from a booster seat is important. Take note that maturity is a crucial component in deciding when to switch from harness to a booster. The booster is not considered as a restraint, so the kid can freely move around.