5 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs

Many people who are thinking of creating their own blogs would usually go to a content
management system like WordPress for all of their needs.
Sure enough, most blogs that you can find on the internet were created using the
platform and you might be better off using the same platform as well.
Now, you can opt to use their in-house web hosting solution or you can go for a top
hosting company of your choice to satisfy your needs.
The beauty of WordPress is that aside from the fact that you can easily build a website
from scratch, you can choose from a plethora of themes and plugins to further add
amazing features on your blog.
Today, I am going to be talking about the latter by giving you my recommendations for
some of the best WordPress plugins that you should install in your blog.


The first plugin is definitely one of the best out there and should be the ones that you
install first after launching your blog.
Jetpack is a plugin that provides so many helpful features- from better website loading
speeds to top-notch security features such as spam filtering, brute force attack
protection, and so much more.
You could say that this is an all-in-one plugin that users from all skill levels will love.

Yoast SEO

If you’ve heard of WordPress-powered websites before, you’ve probably heard of Yoast
SEO. That is because this is one of those must-have plugins that should be installed
after your blog has been developed.
This plugin does wonders for your website’s SEO. Some of its key features include
keyword optimization, eradicates duplicate content, fixes broken URLs and links,
provides content insights based on your chosen keywords, improves blog readability,
among a host of other features.
Yoast can easily help improve your SEO performance without you having to do any of
the work.


Whenever you are running a website that has a comment section, there is a possibility
that spam comments might be posted.

That is why you should install Akismet as part of your plugins suite. Akismet is a plugin
that can record any spam that comes to your website- may it be in the form of
comments, emails, messages, etc.
Once that is done, it will learn from past data to ensure that the same thing won’t
happen again.
Plus, the Akismet plugin can also help you backup and restore your blog’s files quickly
and easily as well.


As a blog owner, you want to create a comments section on every blog post so that
your readers can interact with you and provide you with some feedback.
WPDiscuz is a plugin that can help simplify the entire process. What I love about this
plugin is that it makes it easier for you to create a customizable comments section
based on your set parameters.
What’s more, the comments section can be integrated into many different social media
platforms so that it can be so much easier for your readers to link to that section almost


One of the worst things that can happen on your blog is if attackers are able to
penetrate your defenses and deface your website.
Although the possibility of that happening is slim, there still remains a small chance of
that happening to you. Therefore, you want to make scheduled backups to ensure that,
in the event that hackers do penetrate your website’s defenses, that there is a backup of
your entire blog that you can restore when that happens.
That is where UpdraftPlus excels. It automatically integrates with your cloud storage
solution so that it can create regular backups of your blogs without a hassle.
You can quickly restore your blog from within the plugin itself and it also integrates
seamlessly with a lot of different cloud storage services as well.